You deserve a fantastic Tattoo/Piercing experience, and we'll give you one!

A Little About Us

Money may not be everything, but we understand it doesn’t grow on trees either so we will work with you to make sure you get a great tattoo and a fabulous piercing that won’t break the bank but with the high quality you expect from TRX.  We are proud of our remarkable and friendly staff, and thankful to the wonderful people who support our shop! We want you to recognize that you deserve an informative, fun, quality, and amazing Tattooing and Body Piercing experience. Take a look at our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions and shop policies!

Permanent Marks

We have seven friendly, talented, and professional male and female tattoo artists on staff. All of our artists are very accomplished in most aspects of tattooing, but everyone has special interests. Check out their portfolios to see whose work is right for you!  When you come in for a tattoo, we’ll make sure you work with one of the artists who specializes in whatever you’re looking for.  We guarantee most tattoos for life, even if your artist moves out of town; so, take our word for it that we will make it the best!

Piercings Done Right

We have three full time piercers on staff. Combined, our regular artists have over FORTY YEARS of experience! We are one of only three shops in the entire state with practicing members of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers). We only use the highest quality jewelry from industry-leading manufacturers. We will make sure that you are set up with the correct jewelry for your anatomy. We will also go over individualized aftercare for each piercing.

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