A Little About Us

Money may not be everything, but we understand it doesn’t grow on trees either! Our staff works alongside you, making sure you get both beautiful tattoos and fantastic piercings, without breaking the bank, while maintaining the highest quality standards and integrity which you have learned to expect from TRX.  We are so proud to have such a friendly, non-judgmental, and genuinely caring crew of artists, and we are also so thankful for the wonderful clients who support our studio! We want you to recognize that you deserve an informative, fun, top-quality, respectful, and remarkable Tattooing and Body Piercing experience. Feel free to take a peek at our F.A.Q. for answers to frequently asked questions and for our shop policies.

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  Feel free to send us an email, a direct message on Instagram, or chat with us on Facebook Messenger should you have any questions or concerns.

  We always appreciate your support.  Remember, we sell gift certificates in our store!

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The TRX Family


We invite you to talk with any of the dedicated, talented, and professional male & female tattoo artists on TRX’s staff. All of our artists are remarkably accomplished in most aspects of tattooing, and everyone has areas of special interest. Please take a look at all the portfolios to see if a particular artist’s work is best suited for your tattoo ideas. When you come in for a tattoo, we’ll make sure you are matched with the artist who will make the best tattoo based on your design.  We guarantee most tattoos for life, even if your artist no longer works at TRX, so you can take our word for it that we want you to receive the best!

Microblading Technique

We have found a Microblading Technique artist who can offer you the eyebrows you have always wished for with the high quality standards you can rely on from TRX.


TRX is glad to offer you a piercer on staff all day, every day for any new piercings, jewelry installations, or to simply answer any questions you may have.  TRX piercers are highly trained and have worked professionally for many years; in fact, combined, our artists have over FORTY YEARS of experience! We are one of the only shops in the entire state working exclusively with practicing members of the A.P.P. (Association of Professional Piercers). We offer you the highest quality jewelry from industry-leading manufacturers–not to mention the largest selection around of exquisite and well-made pieces! We will ensure that you are fitted with the correct jewelry for your unique anatomy, and we will always go over the individualized aftercare required to best heal your piercing.

Microchipping Technique

The piercers at TRX are excited to now offer another service to you–Microchipping with your very own NFC chip! Check out our blog for more information about this neato new procedure!