Welcome to the TRX TATTOOS virtual counter.

We’d like to introduce you to our counter staff.  They’re here to help you with questions about jewelry, schedule appointments, and make you feel at home…

Jim S.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 5.06.36 PM

Not sure where to start when looking for that new piercing or tattoo? Well Jim is your go-to guy! As lead counter person, Jim can help in the first steps of your TRX experience. He’s knowledgeable, friendly, and easy on the eyes! Jim is here Tuesday-Friday.

Sarah G.


Born in the land of fire and ice, Sarah grew up as a magical unicorn shepherd. From humble beginnings, she is here now to assist you in your quest for the perfect, new body jewelry. Sarah’s hours vary, so call the shop if you need to find out about that special order!

Tom C.

Coming Soon

Tom is this one guy. He likes you. We promise. He also likes that crazy-music and creepy-art. He makes spray-paint-y things and blobby print things and doodles lots of stuff with bones in it. See some of those things over here. Tom works Friday-Monday.

Seth K.

Coming Soon

Seth K is here Monday-Friday.

Alyssa B.

Coming Soon

Alyssa B. is here Saturdays and Sundays.

Jennifer S.

Photo 3

Jen’s got awesome ever-changing colored hair, takes pretty pictures, is a triple black belt ninja and half robot…the good half. Over a dozen countries across the world call upon her for covert operations (if I told you which, I would have to kill you). Once I saw her wrestle a polar bear into Scandinavian frozen waters, using her hairpin to disable the maddened beast, escaping unharmed. She’s the one to talk with about all shop business. Jen is generally here Tuesday through Friday.