Have you ever wanted to be part cyborg? Did you play Shadowrun when you were younger (or even recently!) and wish it was real life? Do you think Bladerunner is super cool? If so, TRX has some fantastic news! You can come see our piercers to get your very own NFC chip!

Program and re-program it as often as you like from your very own phone. You alone control what’s on it and what’s not on it and can change that whenever you get the urge. The NFC chip can be programmed to show your business card, access websites, write texts or emails, pull pranks on your friends, act like a wizard, show off your Facebook/Instagram account, store all of your super secret codes… and so much other cool stuff that we simply don’t have the space to list everything on this page!

How much does it cost?
Currently, the chip and procedure run $120.

Does it hurt?
Nope, for most people it’s just a little pinch. It is comparable to a simple piercing.

Can someone cut off my hand to steal my info?
Absolutely not. That’s positively ridiculous!

Does this mean (insert a religious interpretation of such devices)?
We will not entertain questions pertaining to religion. We are serious about this, so don’t ask.

Can I choose to take it out later?
Yes! Just stop back in the TRX studio during our regular business hours, and we can remove it for you.

Does this allow the government to spy on me like in Orwell’s novel 1984?
The chip is not linked to you, doesn’t have any identifying info on it, and can not locate you like your “where’s my phone?” app does. That is not how the chip works.

Can someone nearby (or far away for that matter!) scan me and steal my personal information?
Nope. Heads up, you can’t even program your credit card info in the chip.

Will I have problems with CAT scans, MRI machines, or going through airport security?
It will show up, of course, but the chip won’t negatively effect them, be effected by them, or cause physical injury.

Well, pretty much as soon as you want! You MUST first email us at [email protected]. We can set up your appointment from there.

If you have more questions, please shoot us that email. We look forward to chatting with you further about these rad NFC chips!