We’d like to introduce you to our piercing staff…


I’ve been piercing longer than you’ve been alive. Quite possibly, longer than YOUR MOM has been alive. ( I’m old. Real old. Like, I used to babysit for Methuselah.) I’m probably the silliest person you will ever meet. And I talk. A lot. It makes everything easier. When you’re in my room, you are the most important person in my world.

I’ve been piercing since the early 90’s. I started at TRX in 1995. I am an active member of the Association of Professional Piercers. In addition to being a piercer, my short list of hobbies includes building and fixing things. If you want a tour of the studio or to say hi (or if you want a piercing I suppose…) give me a call or stop by![/col-50]