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We’d like to introduce you to our piercing staff…

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Courtney was at TRX from 2006 until 2012. She is working at St. Sabrina’s in Minnesota now but expect her back for frequent guest spots!

I’ve been piercing longer than you’ve been alive. Quite possibly, longer than YOUR MOM has been alive. ( I’m old. Real old. Like, I used to babysit for Methuselah.) I’m probably the silliest person you will ever meet. And I talk. A lot. It makes everything easier. When you’re in my room, you are the most important person in my world.
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I’ve been piercing since the early 90’s. I started at TRX in 1995. I am an active member of the Association of Professional Piercers. In addition to being a piercer, my short list of hobbies includes building and fixing things. If you want a tour of the studio or to say hi (or if you want a piercing I suppose…) give me a call or stop by![/col-50]

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