TRX Tattoos & Piercings

CheapTRX opened in the summer of 1990; in 1992 we moved to South Grand. TRX offered piercing only a few months after the move in ’92, and TRX Tattoos has offered tattooing as well  since 2003.

To be perfectly honest, TRX Tattoos & Piercings is not the only place in St. Louis to go for a piercing or tattoo. There are lots of shops in the area, so why choose us?

Lots of reasons actually!

At TRX Tattoos and Piercings, we pride ourselves on our top quality service. From the moment you step foot in the shop, we will work our hardest to get you exactly what it is that you are looking for– a quality tattoo or piercing in a safe and positive environment.

Our team of kind, professional, and concerned individual don’t care who you are, what you are into, or where you come from; all of us at TRX simply strive to create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable in the assurance that you are not be judged. We want every client to feel relaxed, safe, and, most of all, excited to be in our shop!

We recognize what a huge decision it is to get a tattoo or a piercing, and your happiness is extremely important to us. We have an artist or piercer who’s a perfect fit for you.  You deserve to get exactly what you want in the most comfortable, safe, and professional manner.  A staff member or artist would be glad to talk with you one-on-one in order to help you find the artist best suited to the piece you want. A piercer will talk with you and address your concerns about care and upkeep of a new piercing or a installing a new piece of jewelry.

TRX Tattoos and Piercings is a clean, safe studio.  You’re invited to come in and see that for yourself.  Ask for a tour, and we will be happy not only to show you around but to also explain how everything works. At TRX, we firmly believe you deserve to be educated and, thus, utterly confident in your decision to work with us!  We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you.