How old do I have to be to get a piercing or tattoo at TRX?/Minors Policy

In the state of Missouri, the law allows us to pierce and tattoo at any age assuming there is appropriate parental consent, and we don’t come in contact with inappropriate body parts during the procedure.

We are going to repeat this twice because we do not want you to waste a trip! We do not allow minors in the store unless accompanied by their parent or guardian specifically to have the minor pierced or tattooed. We can not let your minor stay with you while you shop for jewelry and have it installed or anything of the sort. We would appreciate it if you leave all other minors at home when you visit our shop!

However, our current shop policy is:

TATTOOS: We require you to be at least 16. Keep in mind, not all of our artists tattoo people under 18, and the ones that do usually require a consultation beforehand.

To get the tattoo, you (the minor) need to have a government issued ID such as a permit, drivers license, passport, state ID, military ID, etc. You must also have your parent or legal guardian present during the entire procedure and the consultation. They must bring a photo ID as well. In the event that you have different last names, we will need your birth certificate, legal guardianship papers, or similar paperwork that proves your relation.

: You (the minor) needs a bona fide form of photo ID, which includes the previously listed forms of ID, as well as school ID’s and similar forms (if you aren’t sure, ask!). You will also need to have your parent/legal guardian present with their photo ID and other necessary documents (see previous paragraph). The age at which we will pierce you depends primarily on your personal circumstances, such as physical development, maturity, lifestyle and activities, etc. If you have any more questions, send us a message or stop by the shop with your mom, dad, or legal guardian. We require the same thing for jewelry changing, stretching, and all other contact involving minors.


We WILL NOT under any circumstances:
1. Tattoo the hands/neck/face/”bikini zone” of a minor.

2. Pierce the nipples or genitals of males/females under the age of 18

3. Pierce/discuss/change jewelry in your nipples/genitals, with ANYONE under 18 in the room, even your own child.

4. Pierce or tattoo ANYONE without the proper ID present, no matter how old you are, if we know you, or if you’ve been worked on at TRX before. BRING YOUR APPROPRIATE ID EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Please also remember, we do not allow minors in the store unless accompanied by their parent or guardian specifically to have the minor pierced or tattooed. We can not let your minor stay with you while you shop for jewelry and have it installed or anything of the sort. We would appreciate it if you leave all other minors at home when you visit our shop!

Do you offer discounts on multiple piercings?

Yes, we certainly do.  Multiple piercings on the same individual will guarantee you a discount.  The discounts tend to be $5 or $10 off the price of the subsequent piercings.  Call or come by for exact details.

Do you have any price specials on tattoos/piercings?

Other than any artist’s posted specials, we do not GENERALLY put our tattoos (or piercings) on sale.  The reason for this?  Our work is priced reasonably in the first place, and we stand behind the quality of work.  We will not back down on quality to get you in/out and just take your money!

What is the Association of Professional Piercers?

You can find out what the A.P.P. is, and why it is a vital organization in the industry, by checking out

I was told I’m not “built right” for a piercing I want.  What does that mean?

There are many piercings that go through a part of the body that can be shaped very differently from person to person.  A great example is the navel (belly button). We have all seen how different those can be! If the area to be pierced isn’t shaped in a way that will allow for jewelry to heal there, then we will decline to pierce you. It is very important to us that we only do piercings we believe have a reasonable chance of success. Piercing inappropriate anatomy generally results in migration or rejection, which leaves unsightly scaring. There are also instances, like some tongue piercings, where you would be able to heal, but the jewelry will put constant pressure on the structures inside your mouth. If a piercing will cause inevitable damage to your body because of the shape of your anatomy, we will also decline. If you have any questions about being suited to the piercing you want, our piercers will be happy to evaluate the area and explain your options any time.

What if you don’t have the style of jewelry I had in mind?

As with tattooing, we strive to offer a selection of jewelry to meet varying tastes. If we do not currently stock what you desire, one of our counter folk would love to help make your dream a reality through a custom order. Please keep in mind that custom orders may take time to receive, depending on the amount of craftsmanship involved. The most simple design may take as little as two weeks, while a completely one-off piece may take longer.

Can I re-use a piece of jewelry that I bought at TRX for a new piercing?

Sometimes jewelry which you have previously purchased from TRX may be used for a new piercing. However, the piercer will take a look at the piece you have to make sure it is in good condition and correct for the piercing you desire. From that point, we have to clean and re-sterilize the jewelry in order to use it for a new hole! This takes some time, so, depending on the piercer’s schedule and time of day, we may have to ask you to come back later for the actual piercing. We recommend coming in with extra time so we can get it ready for you!

What does anodizing my jewelry mean?

Titanium jewelry can be anodized to change its color. Common colors are yellow, blue, purple, green, and rainbow. We can do this in-store for you. If you would like a piece you purchase to be anodized, please keep in mind it takes time and specialized professionals to do it. So, while we may be able to do it right then and there, we may have a short delay. This process is not only super cool, it is free for our amazing customers!

Can I have a piece of TRX jewelry, previously anodized, re-anodized later?

Yes, usually we can do that for you! There are a few exceptions, but just ask!

How much will my tattoo cost?

This question is generally followed with a response of “Come in, and we will have you talk to an artist.”  Tattoo pricing is dependent on many details (ie-size, location, detail, coloring, and the artist’s pricing).  Our shop minimum is $50, and all of our artists are reasonably priced.

Can I set up an appointment over the phone/internet?

We get this question frequently, and the answer is “Usually”!  Piercings are set up more easily. Give us a call!  For tattoos, we need to have you discuss the tattoo with an artist first in order to figure out how much time to book out, the price, etc. We take a deposit in order to secure your time slot; however, this deposit comes off the price of your tattoo. Another appointment you can set up over the phone is a consultation to come in and talk with a piercer or tattoo artist. Walk-ins are always welcome as well!

What are “Consultations”?

A consultation is a time slot set to sit one on one and discuss your ideas and reference material for your new tattoo or piercing. There is no charge for this.  Feel free to call the shop or come by to set up a consultation with any of the artists.

I am visiting St. Louis from out of state. How can I set up an appointment?

We get this question a lot. We can sometimes work this out for someone who lives far away.  We require you get in touch with us at least in advance to accommodate your requests if you want an appointment slot. Email us at [email protected] with any photos/pix/reference materials/ideas (as detailed as possible-include size, location, coloring, artist preference if you have one, etc.), and send us a photo of the area you want the tattoo, or in the case of a piercing, details of what you’d like to have pierced and jewelry preferences/piercer preferences/etc.  We will have an artist take a look at what you send and give you a price or price range and a time estimate.  We require a deposit to hold an appointment slot, but we can take one over the phone with a credit card.  That deposit comes off the price of the tattoo or piercing. When you get are in town for your appointment, you must have all the appropriate legal documentation, or we will not be able to perform your service. The deposit is non-refundable.

I can’t make my appointment time.  Will I lose my deposit?

Deposits are non-refundable.  They are, however, transferable.  This means, as long as you give us 24 hours notice, we can transfer your deposit to the next time you can schedule an appointment.  No calls, no shows will lose their deposits. You must email or call us and receive an acknowledgement from us! Any messages left while we are closed will not be considered notice as we do not respond to voicemails.

Do you do cover-ups?

We can definitely help you out!  Come on by the shop so we can take a look at what you have.  Then an artist can tell you what your options are.

How much should I tip my artist/piercer?

I think the best way to answer this is to say, nothing is expected, and anything is appreciated. Its not like the restaurant biz where there is a standard percentage. Do what you feel comfortable with, and don’t forget: If you WANT to tip, but you don’t have the funds, it will always put a smile on their face to make them something as a gift. We like baked goods…

Does TRX offer blacklight tattoos?

As of now, that is not a service we offer.

Does TRX offer white ink tattoos?

Yes, we do white ink tattoos. We prefer to go over it with people first so that there are no surprises, so a consultation is necessary. Without seeing your skin tone, we cannot tell you whether or not the white will show up well. Basically, the lighter your skin is the better it shows up. Also, white ink is not actually white. As it heals under the skin it shows up just a shade lighter than your skin tone. This is why many  people choose not do it as it can hardly be seen. After healing it generally resembles a scar. There are some other things an artist could talk about doing  (such as a light blue, something pastel, light grey, or even a light brown henna-ish color).

Do you carry vegan ink?

Tattoo ink is one of the many products on the market that, while there isn’t a company that really goes out of it’s way to make a vegan product, there are some that just “happen” to be vegan.  Several of the brands of inks our artists use are vegan. Whenever you make your appointment to get tattooed, just let them know that you want vegan ink only. That way if they happen to want a certain color for your tattoo that they don’t have from a brand that is vegan, they can make sure to borrow some from one of the artists, or plan to mix the color from some of the other vegan inks they DO have.

Are you hiring, or do you take on apprentices?

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING FOR OUR AMAZING COUNTER CREW AND FOR A STUDIO MANAGER!  Email us at [email protected] with your resume and why you would be a great fit on our team!  Even if we were not, we always accept resumes. We will keep them on file and call for interviews if the need arises.

We are not currently accepting apprentices.  Check out the Missouri state regulations on and look at the next steps to take.  There are guidelines for tattoo/piercing apprenticeships in order to get your professional license. A huge part of this will be finding an artist who is willing to take on that responsibility.  We recommend staying away from those places/artists who would charge you thousands of dollars for an apprenticeship. Feel free to come into TRX anytime and chat with any available artist.