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Want to Work with us at TRX?

We have a few positions available to fill at the studio. We are looking for individuals ready to pursue a career in this crazy, fun, and creative industry! So, please take a peek and if you think you fit the description and in at the studio, let’s have a conversation! Be sure to send us an email lickety split with your resume and a note letting us know why we can’t do this without you! <3





TRX has a re-opening date! PLEASE READ the information regarding what a post-pandemic TRX experience means!! IT WILL EFFECT YOU!!!




Update on closure due to Health Commissioner’s Stay Home order. There is no determined end date, but TRX will re-open as soon as the order is lifted.



TRX Tattoos & Piercings is Closing Due to COVID-19

Feel free to send us an email, a direct message on Instagram, or chat with us on Facebook Messenger should you have any questions or concerns.

We always appreciate your support.  Remember, we sell gift certificates in our store!

Stay safe, stay well, and stay home!


The TRX Family



Celebrate the STLMade movement and 3.14 Day with us all next week! We’ve got tons of “314” and Saint Louis-themed tattoo specials up for grabs.

Join us in celebrating local makers and small businesses that make Saint Louis the place to be. Come get #STLMade with these and other STL tattoos from March 8th to 14th with our artists Dustin, Phil, Palos, Evonne Francine, and Jamie. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more sneak peeks of our special designs. Walk-ins and call-in appointments available! For other participating businesses, and 3.14 Day specials, check out the full STLMade website.


We are very excited to welcome the newest member of the TRX family, Arthur Moy! 

Moy is a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers, and will be our piercer all day Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting February 18th, 2020. Help us welcome him in style, and come get some fancy new piercings designed, done, and decorated!

Follow Moy on Instagram, @pierce4you to check out some of his beautiful work!


TRX is thrilled to be a part of a Benefit for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, organized by The Silver Ballroom, WellBeing Brewing, and Dry Society STL.

What a fantastic way to begin 2020!
There are 3 fun events hosted at the Silver Ballroom this month:
1/20-Cosmic Pinball
1/27-Trivia, Party, and Raffle Drawing

All month, and at these events, a donation (pet items or cash donations) will get you raffle tickets to be entered to win one of 3 amazing prizes–including a TRX gift certificate good for a custom tattoo honoring your beloved furry (or scaly, hairless, etc) pet!

Buy extra raffle tickets for $3 and stuff those prize jars while helping out animals in need!

You’ll also receive some delicious deals on WellBeing’s line of N/A beers, select beers, and cocktails at the bar!

We will be there and would love to see all you amazing people too!

Check out the details here:


Cosmic Pinball:

Trivia, Party, and Raffle Drawing








Back again, and better than ever!

Our Fourth Annual Block Party and Customer Appreciation Day is this upcoming Sunday the 3rd of November, 11a.m. to 8p.m. Mark your calendars, and don’t forget Daylight Savings Time. We will be entertaining and BBQing out behind the shop, and as always, there will be specially priced flash tattoo designs, and deals. Look out for buy-one, get-one on piercings and initial jewelry, as well as  30% off of any other purchased jewelry. For the sake of serving as many clients as possible, certain piercings may be excluded from this deal, so please call us at 314-664-4011 for details! And come celebrate with us!




Let’s welcome in 2019 with a deal!

This Saturday January 5th and Sunday January 6th ONLY.

20% OFF Piercing Jewelry only (the stuff for a fresh piercing)!



40% off Select Jewelry Sale ends this Saturday the 21st at close!

Don’t miss out on the one of a kind pieces we have available!




TRX stands behind Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver’s new book A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo–and you can, too!

Do you think John Oliver’s new book “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” is as awesome as we do?
Well, then we have something for you!
Anyone who comes into TRX and gets a tattoo that represents or promotes equality will receive a free copy of Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver’s book!
All the proceeds from the book go to support The Trevor Project and AIDS United—both L.G.B.T.Q. friendly charities.
If you have any questions or want more details, please feel free to contact us, or just come on in! We look forward to seeing you soon! #equality #support #equalityforeveryone #lastweektonight #lastweektonightwithjohnoliver #tattoostudio #piercing #dogood #lgbt #lgbtq #thetrevorproject #aidsunited #marlonbundo #betterbundobook #johnoliver #equality #tattoos #piercings #microblading #associationofprofessionalpiercers #lgbtq #trxtattoos #stl #stlouis



TRX is trying something new in our store!

Here’s the scoop:
One featured, unique, and pricier jewelry item (that can’t just be reordered) and at a special price! So, if you’ve been in the shop and eyeing some of the “case candy”…Now is your chance!

Here is the link to check it out!

Happy 2018, friends!


Something Awesome TRX Way Comes!


Have you ever wanted to be part cyborg? Did you play Shadowrun when you were younger (or even recently!) and wish it was real life? Do you think Bladerunner is super cool?

If so, TRX has some fantastic news! You can come see us and get your very own NFC chip!

Program and re-program it as often as you like from your very own phone. You alone control what’s on it and what’s not on it and can change that whenever you get the urge.

The NFC chip can be programmed to show your business card, access websites, write texts or emails, pull pranks on your friends, act like a wizard, show off your Facebook/Instagram account, store all of your super secret codes… and so much other cool stuff that we simply don’t have the space to list everything on this blog!


How much does it cost?
Currently, the chip and procedure run $120.

Does it hurt?
Nope, for most people it’s just a little pinch. It is comparable to a simple piercing.

Can someone cut off my hand to steal my info?
Absolutely not. That’s positively ridiculous!

Does this mean (insert a religious interpretation of such devices)?
We will not entertain questions pertaining to religion. We are serious about this, so don’t ask.

Can I choose to take it out later?
Yes! Just stop back in the TRX studio during our regular business hours, and we can remove it for you.

Does this allow the government to spy on me like in Orwell’s novel 1984?
The chip is not linked to you, doesn’t have any identifying info on it, and can not locate you like your “where’s my phone?” app does. That is not how the chip works.

Can someone nearby (or far away for that matter!) scan me and steal my personal information?
Nope. Heads up, you can’t even program your credit card info in the chip.

Will I have problems with CAT scans, MRI machines, or going through airport security?
It will show up, of course, but the chip won’t negatively effect them, be effected by them, or cause physical injury.

Well, pretty much as soon as you want! You MUST first email us at [email protected]. We can set up your appointment from there.

If you have more questions, please shoot us that email. We look forward to chatting with you further about these rad NFC chips!



We have some very exciting changes happening around the shop, so make sure to take a peek at our Facebook page, Instagram, or right here to keep up to date. We have some things in the works that y’all are sure to love! After all, we adore and appreciate all of you who have entrusted TRX to decorate your body. 🙂


CANCELLATION: We are so sorry folks, but Butch Patrick had something come up in his travel plans and had to cancel. He feels very bad and will be sending autographed photos to the shop for people to come by and pick up for free. He is going to re-schedule with us for a later date and for a bigger event. Thank you for the support!

UPDATE: We are going to give tickets at the door for the chance to win one of two gift certificates also!
1-a free piercing with standard jewelry 2-$100 tattoo gift certificate good for any horror-themed tattoo (Munsters encouraged!)
TRX will announce the winners live, on our Facebook, and the blog on our website. So, don’t forget to grab a ticket, hang around for the drawing, or check online to see if you won.


SHORT NOTICE!! We are hosting a Meet & Greet with Butch Patrick (AKA Eddie Munster) at TRX this Sunday. We will be open from 7pm-8pm, and y’all can come meet the legend! After all, it is the 50th anniversary of The Munsters. Check it out!





BY Jezebel Voulé

“What is your favorite piercing moment?”

This is a question which has haunted me since the first time I was asked. An echo that makes the voice in my head always think, “Maybe this piercing will be the one that defines my piercing career.” Several people have shared with me their defining moment. Some turning points may have been meeting a piercing idol . For others, it may be a studio at which they got to work, a client, or even a paycheck; the ways in which people have been affected by their careers are as unique as the individuals who experienced those moments. Most days there aren’t moments that change me, or at least affect me in a drastic way. I take clients in, bond with them, then let them go. I am hoping that we connected enough for them to return to me for their next piercing experience or, better yet, remember my name–bringing more clients to bond with and release.

When asked about my favorite moment, I find myself reliving the moment. An older lady, somewhere in her late 70’s, came in to get her earlobe pierced. We took a moment chatting, but as I started to get set up for the piercing, she stopped me. “I need you to know that I have Hep C. I understand if you can’t pierce me.” After asking if she had talked to her physician about getting a piercing, I smiled and said “Thank you for telling me, but I have no problem piercing you. I take many precautions so that both my safety and yours are taken care of.” She was shocked that I didn’t respond as she had expected. She thought I would react poorly and then proceed to treat her as a leper, sending her on her way. Both she and her wife were overcome with joy. It was something she had wanted to do for a long time but had been afraid to get because she would have to expose a secret which had given her so many other bad experiences before. I later found out how much the experience changed her perception of herself. She, for a moment, felt like she was human rather than a disease, not worthy of common decency. I had felt like I had changed the world, and, for her, I had.

Recently a new experience came into my life. While working at Omega Red Studios, a man came in asking questions about his daughter. His daughter had cancer and, as a result, had made a bucket list. On that list was a lip piercing. He wanted to help her fulfill her wishes and asked if I would be willing to perform such a task on her. I had replied that I would be willing after I knew it was okay with her doctor. The next day he came back with a handwritten doctor’s note. Skeptical that the doctor was in on this idea, I Google-searched the doctor and found out everything I could about not only her but the entire hospital. I talked to lawyers, her doctors, and the parents about what I expected, what they should expect, and the young girl’s expectations. I did not hold back on making demands concerning what I would need to make a safe and positive environment for her and me. Many of the demands were personal things to increase my comfort. After all, my safety is just as important as the client’s safety.

It took three days to reach an agreement regarding my piercing her. After talks with her doctor, we decided the nostril would be a more acceptable piercing rather than the lip. I learned that the reason there was so much passion behind her parents’ desire to get this one thing done was she had just received a dire prognosis. The likelihood that she would be alive long enough to even see her piercing healed was slim. She had 15 things that she wanted to do before she died. Her parents chose the task that was the most obtainable and went in search of me. Completing one of her bucket list tasks was important in helping her fight the feeling that all was lost for this 14 year old whose life was on a countdown. The before and after effect on her life was immediate. She went from a child who looked and acted sickly, to a young girl who wanted to walk around with her father. She felt a kind of rejuvenation.

Those two particular moments have stuck with me as my favorite experiences in my career. Those moments pushed me to realize how much I could help the world just with a tiny prick of my needle–changing my regular experience of the lady getting a navel piercing into a celebration of a woman reclaiming her body after a bad break up or losing 20 pounds. Most people have a reason for choosing a body modification. For them it is a life experience that could, without any prior knowledge, become a life event. It amazes me how much a person can be changed from a thing that for me is just a way of life. The impact of one life on another is why I love my job. The knowledge that I gain being invited to share a private and extremely personal moment of their life. The privilege that they chose to share it with me. Everyone has different reasons for loving his/her job. So, please take a moment, and relish yours.




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